ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry

Conditions Based Maintenance Tool (CBM TOOL)

This solution monitors the state of the electric motors to detect failures and provide early warnings, reducing costs for unscheduled stops. The system is composed of an IoT sensor solution and a cloud-based machine learning solution.

JULO BV. Project specifics.

Inycom has created an intelligent sensor platform with the aim of monitoring performance characteristics of electric motors in real time. The solution allows to configure the motes as wireless(wifi and zigbee, lora in development) but also with wires(ethernet and rs485). Currently we are monitoring mainly accelerations and temperatures, but we have the ability to integrate other magnitudes that can be relevant in some environments, like relative humidity or ambient temperature. All the information received is analyzed in a cloud-based environment, and with machine learning techniques it is possible to alert the operator in real time. There is also a reporting and an analytics system, to study the most conflictive points of the installation, facing its improvement.


Technologies and key concepts:

  • WiFi Technology
  • Zigbee Technology
  • IoT, BigData Technology
  • Sensing Technoly


Client reference:

  • Automotive industry. JULO Group B.V.(The Netherlands)

Additional information: