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DYNPACK · ERP software for print & packaging industry

DYNPACK is an Enterprise resource planning solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV that covers all business processes of companies in the print and packaging sector.

Complete management of whole manufacturing process of packaging. It is designed to optimize management and increase the productivity of your company. Modules included: warehouse management, production, purchasing and stock management, amalgams, quality control and inventory control – all for you input support decision making.


• Management deals with product cost control

• Internal control of changes in product design and generation versions

• Management dies and poses, and association to various products

• Calculation of amalgams for optimization based on manufacturing orders

• Production Planning

• Charting parts adapted to the needs of the operator

• Record quality controls defined for each stage of manufacture

• Control of raw materials consumed in the production process

• Generation of stock palletizing the finished product with its corresponding labeling

• Stamp of the working parts of the operators for the proper allocation of costs incurred

• Association of finished product sales orders that have originated

• Association of finished product sales orders that have originated

• Creating orders preparation of customer submissions through an interface to the warehouse order picking

• Control of the finished product and raw material by batch codes

• Control of orders and receipt of the raw material. Traceability of products through batch

• Preparation of shipments warehouse by using portable terminals • Quality control of raw materials


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Technologies and key concepts:

  • ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Packaging, traceability


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