ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry


enntte® is a MES software, which controls: People, materials and processes, definitively the resources of an industrial plant, from receiving raw materials to shipping the finished product.

Inteligenntte plant. “Smart Factory”. Industry 4.0 The MES software enntte® along with our engineering sevice allows digitizing company, integrating all processes, from accounting to the machine sensor being able to reach:

• Manufacturing lines are automatically set themselves in job orders changes.

• Fabrications that match the rhythms of the bottleneck.

• Self-management of machines by workers based on efficient and simple information

• Messages in real time to the right people on the actions to be taken at any time.

• Diagnosis at a productive stop

• Product location at any time

• Exhaustive knowledge what happens at the plan:

  • Manufacturing real costs
  • The evolution of production
  • Losses and wastages …

Providing tools for self-manage continuous improvement Making decisions based on:

  • data analysis
  • dashboard
  • comparative daily activity with the established objectives.

Issuing alarms with deviations

Information accessible anywhere in the world through mobility device (tablet, mobile phone, etc.)

enntte® register in real time parameters and events in areas such as logistics, warehouse, production, quality, maintenance and traceability, and then using Big data techniques to predict quality failures and production stops.


Technologies and key concepts:

  • CDB, Datamatrix, RFID
  • PLC’s, SCADA
  • AI
  • Pick to voice, Pick to light.
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • MES


Client references:

More than 250 references, including: ABB Aernnova Biele, SA Fagor CNA CIE Automotive Legazpi Cikautxo Grupo Condesa (13 plantas) Grupo Garnica Plywood Grupo Arania Grupo Danobat Industrias Goini ITP Matutano Mercedes Benz Michelin (Lasarte, Valladolid, Vitoria) Microdeco Natra zahor Orkli Papelera del Aralar Pepsi Pierburg Polmetasa Proin SA Tuercas Saunier Duval TATA steel ThysesenKrupp Tubacex. Tubos Reunidos Ulma Hormigón Polimero Valeo Vinco Xubi Engranajes Zahor (Grupo Natra)

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