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Network management system for dedicated telecom networks in utilities (Power, Oil  & Gas, Railways). Multi-manufacturer and multi-technology for IT and OT environments.

Technologies and key concepts:

  • NMS, Network Management System.
  • Multivendor
  • IP, ethernet, MPLS-TP
  • IoT, PLC


Client references:

  • Red Electrica Española (REE), España
  • Tenaga National Berhard (TNB), Malasia
  • Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF), España.
  • Fingrig Oy, Finlandia
  • Southern Scottish Energy (SSE), Escocia
  • E-On, Alemania

Additional information:

SGRwin is a management system for telecommunication networks in Utilities worldwide. Utilities deliver critical services and need dedicated telecommunication networks to ensure the availability of those services. These networks are composed by equipment from different vendors and technologies. Besides, with the service digitalization, these networks, traditionally OT, are converging with the IT world.

SGRwin provides an unified management system for those networks as well as provides a evolution environment to the digital services and IT.

Manufacturer NMSs can only provide a partial view of the network. SGRwin allows a more efficient operation and maintenance of the network by means of multi-vendor monitoring and topology maps. The unified inventory allows for advanced reports of the complete network infrastructure, multiple manufacturer cross data and get business relevant information.

SGRwin implements the functionality to make massive firmware distribution and save & restore network node settings.

SGRwin is a web-based client server system, vitualizable, and scalable. It is supported by the latest O.S. versions so it fulfils IT compliance rules.


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