ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry


System for the location and position monitoring of workers in industrial plants.
Facing with the need to provide greater security to workers or contractors, working in maintenance of big industrial zones, by monitoring their position and control access to confined spaces. SIRIUS is a system for locating and monitoring the position of workers in industrial plants where it is not possible to develop solutions based on GPS because they are indoor environments or have many metallic obstacle. It is a system based on Bluetooth Low Energy beacons that depending on the environment, may be more or less ruggerizadas (ATEX, for example) and offer an accuracy 3-4 meters in the location, which is enough for most security applications. SIRIUS is a complete monitoring system that transcends the mere fact of indoor location. The accuracy of location is in the state of the art (3-4 meters), but the fact that it is based on Bluetooth Low Energy lets you interact with smartphones if necessary. Its modularity is one of its strengths. Through a modular architecture design, the beacons can incorporate more features and protocols such as wireless radio standards 868MHz for longer ranges, ISA100.1 in case of need robust wireless communications, or interoperability with existing systems WIFi.


Technologies and key concepts:

  • Indoor location
  • Monitorization
  • Bluetooth


Client references:

  • Petronor

Additional information: