ICT Solutions for Sustainability

Satellite VoIP and Broadband Access

IP telephony system specially designed to be used even by customers connecting the Internet through high latency links, where customer can save money because of the low bandwidth requirement.

WSN was created in the ESA-BIC in Barcelona with the aim of offering enhanced rural and maritime telecommunications including telephony service in the satellite connection systems, adding the functionality of satellite roaming to those users that change their location.
Currently we offer our services to over 60 vessels which every day increase their Internet and voice traffic consumption, enjoying of same quality as if they were in a usual office on shore. For this we use diverse satellite´s coverage using the Ku and Ka band of frequencies.
Moreover, we have one of our gateways located at one of the biggest teleports in the world, located in Nittedal, Oslo, which belongs to Telenor and get connected to new Thor 7 satellite, which allows us to offer connectivity speeds up to 25 Mbps throughout the Mediterranean Sea by using Ka Band (less MHZ to allow more Mbps). Our challenge is secure since we now connect hundreds of terrestrial antennas using this band and obtaining superb results.
In addition we have to mention that we are within the last phase to replicate in Canary Islands everything that has been created in ESA-BIC in Barcelona, fact that will make us attend the local and African market with best efficiency.

Technologies and key concepts:

  • The use of Internet technologies and telephony through satellite links have been key to the rural and maritime environment where we have taken part of, so that water level systems control, efficient management of Energy and similar systems can be connected; as well as the connectivity of rural schools and NGOs (we have done this in Central America and Saharan refugees areas).
  • In maritime connectivity must be used a motorized antenna connected to a satellite modem and IP phone systems that can be either an independent IP phone or an IP PBX that distributes the telephony throughout the vessel, whatever its size is.
  • In terrestrial links the antenna would be similar to those used for television and would be connected to a satellite modem which its operation is similar to terrestrial ADSL access but with global coverage, ensuring access under any circumstances and location.

Client references:

  • Several maritime ICT companies in UK, France, Holland and Denmark
  • Instituto Seguridad Social Guinea Ecuatorial (con SATCONXION)
  • Construction companies in Spain, Equatorial Guinea and Angola (with SATCONXION)

Additional information: