C onnected industry or industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution, in which the industrial sector adapts its processes, products and business models to the new reality provoked by the use of information and communications technologies. This application of ICT to the industry is focused on the following areas:

  1. Solutions applicable to production processes

Technological solutions that are applied to the production media relaxing, controlling, and automating the processes and enabling, for example, the personalized configuration of a product, process or complex production system measurement, the reduction of the production and client delivery deadlines, etc.

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  1. Solutions applicable to products

Technology embedded in the product facilitating information to the consumer, or that collects information from the consumer allowing it to predict its needs, or adapt to its preferences.

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  1. Solutions applicable to business models

Technology that facilitates new ways of conceiving business and offering a product/service to the client.

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  1. Specialized sector solutions

Specialized solutions, catalogued according to the specific industry to which they are aimed.

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Industria conectada 4.0