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The Virtual DataCenter Euskaltel is the solution that enables customers to define and design your cloud infrastructure from its origin , a delivery model Cloud services based on marketing IT resources ( computing, storage and network) grouped Centers Virtual data.


The main product features are:

  • Allows dynamic scaling of resources (CPU, RAM, disk) through the client management console.
  • Internet access redounded, symmetrical and guaranteed, with unlimited transfer rate and allocation of public IP address.
  • Standard Firewall to protect data from all kinds of threats. Integration with advanced Firewall solutions, ADC and WAF with the most advanced solutions on the market.
  • Load Balancing to distribute traffic across multiple servers, resulting in a much faster response providing high availability.
  • Delegated Administration. Virtual Datacenter management by our team of experts to advise him during the design and deployment of their platform and also be responsible for its proper maintenance procedures based on custom SLAs. Advanced monitoring platform.
  • Ratio of greater than 99.99% availability.
  • Termination Services IPSec VPN tunnels. Integration with customer private VLAN through data solutions Euskaltel or vConnector.
  • Hybrid configurations (Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Inter-Cloud).
  • Snapshots level virtual machines and virtual disk backup data center.



Technologies and key concepts:


Client references:

  • GAIA


Additional information: