ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry

IProx Factory

Sensing, control and remote management for the smart industry to improve productivity and profitability,reducing the waste of raw materials, energy, labour, travel time, cycle time

IProx Factory is an automated system capable of measuring critical parameters of machines, processes and industries facilitating improved productivity, safety and efficiency in them. It makes it possible to take decisions based on accurate data, helping to reduce downtime, improving response times, eliminating waste, saving energy and raw materials, etc, etc ..
All information collected, as well as images and recordings, is viewable on any screen (tablet, mobile or computer).
IProx Factory iimproves the efficiency and profitability of any machine or industrial process through continuous monitoring and remote management of parameters such as temperature, power, water
consumption, energy, pressure, etc. Intuitive control logic allows to perform high-level automation, becoming an essential tool for responsible.
Remarkable benefits::

  • Telemanagement centralized process control and workplaces
  • Full control of costs by product line, etc.
  • Wireless sensors: accurate data, simple installation and flexible
  • Correlation between data and video
  • Early detection of technical problems, maintenance scheduling
  • Technical Alerts allow minimizing costly downtime and reducing response time


Technologies and key concepts:

  • Acquisition of data and video IP
  • Low-power wireless sensor technology Zigbee
  • WiFi, WiMax, GPRS, 3G Communications
  • M2M services centralized in the cloud
  • Connetion with ERP
  • Communication ports RS-232 / RS485 / Ethernet
  • Industrial Touch Screen
  • Process automation
  • Connecting with existing PLCs
  • Wireless access control by RFID technology


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