ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry

IT Works Budget

Open tool for calculating the total costs and determining the selling price of a product.

Decomposes the product in different materials, processes, characteristics … making a complete analysis of the cost in each of its phases and production elements.

It enables prototyping of new products through the fusion of different elements of other products, analyzing the cost involved.

Cost calculation based on formulas or expressions defined and maintained by the user.
Utilities tool:
Scientific calculation of the actual cost of the product
Estimated cost of new products by linking elements of other products
Budgeting in real time.
Increased sales volume and business portfolio to diversify the field of action
Determination of profitability and price.
Development and change management, taking initiatives and risks.
Technologies and key concepts:

  • .NET 4.0
  • C#


Client references:

  • Papeles El Carmen


Additional information: