ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry


Ecommerce platform, B2C for supermarkets that is adapted to the specific needs of the customer, according to the target market and the distribution chain dimensions or B2B for wholesaler chains.


KeyMarket is a platform designed for both B2C and B2B businesses. It adapts to your customer’s specific needs according to the target market and the dimensions of your distribution channels.
KeyMarket was created with the objective to make purchases from home as easy as ever. You can count on a bar code scanner that will provide you with updated information about products and about placing orders with your mobile phone.
At the same time, you can organize products to fit your customer’s preferences by showing them different prices, products or services according to where they are located.
Last but not least, with KeyMarket it is possible to integrate external applications in order to offer its users the best possible experience.

  • SmartQ App: manages any establishment’s queues, so that customers will not have to wait for their turn.
  • Al Coupone App: allows you to access discount coupons and offers when you get near any establishment of the brand.
  • Augmented Reality App: set of games and applications associated to the brand.



Technologies used and key concepts:

  • Operating system
    • Linux
  • Server
    • Apache
  • Database development technologies
    • MySQL server
    • MongoDB (NoSQL)
    • Redis
    • PostgreSQL
  • Generic development technologies
    • PHP
    • API-REST
  • Agile software technologies
    • Frameworks for development
      • AngularJS
      • Google Material Design
      • Rachet
      • Symfony
        • Sonata
    • Representational State Transfer technology
      • API-REST
    • Object mapping technology
      • Doctrine
    • Libraries for development
      • Swift Mailer
    • Template engine
      • Twig
  • Technologies for web layout and development
    • HTML5
      • Web layout
        • Bootstratp
        • CSS
      • Web development
        • Javascript
        • Node.js
        • Amazon Web Services
  • Search engines
    • Elasticsearch
  • Mobile APP development
    • Android
    • IOS


Client references:

  • Chain of supermarkets in Spain and Latin America (over 250 shops)
  • Several B2B retail ecommerce clients

Additional information: