ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry


MovilGmao is a multiplatform mobile CMMS app intended for the capture and query, in the
field, of data arisen from the maintenance processes.


Maintain your assets
more efficiently. MovilGmao is compatible with Android and IOS devices and it is capable of working in offline mode.
The Mobile app is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current maintenance software. Get rid of all your paperwork, reduce response times and obtain a real time control of your workforce (ongoing and finished work orders).
FULLY INTEGRABLE WITH YOUR CURRENT SOLUTION: Designed to be easily integrable with your current software solutions such as CMMS, facilty management, etc. Some of the functional and technical advantages:

  • Paperless office.
  • Information immediacy and avoidance of duplicated works.
  • Faster response times.
  • Real productivity control, from start to end of every service order by means of GPS, QR code and/or NFC.
  • Work visibility, you are able to incorporate photos and videos of the actions performed.
  • Onsite proof ticket printing of the tasks realized using portable zebra printers directly from your device (mobile, tablet).


Technology and key concepts:

  • Offline mode: No need for permanent conection to Internet or mobile networks. Allows maintenance technicians to get rid of the usual lack of signal problems.
  • Synchronization: Both the operations made on the device and the new generated data are synchronized with other platforms (web services, CMS, ERP, GMAO programmes) in a user friendly way.
  • Adaptability: The app Works independently from the data Server and the language used by it. It has been created and designed, from its original concept, to be integrated, in each case, into the asset management software that each company uses.
  • Multi‐platform system: Availability for Android operative systems and iOS in their different versions and formats (Smartphone and tablet)


Client references:

  • Electricidad llano, S.L.
  • Hospital de Cangas del Narcea
  • Siemens
  • UTE FCC CAP y Revenga
  • Lacera Servicios y Mantenimiento, S.A.
  • Empresa Municipal de Servicios de Medio Ambiente Urbano de Gijón, S.A.


Additional information: