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Nucleo.Net ERP

Nucleo is an ERP that guarantees maximum quality in data input and usage. It integrates in real time through latest technologies in mobility, communication and identification, departments, processes, devices and people. It turns data into reliable information for efficient and correct decision making.
Nucleo stands out among other ERPs because it is a solid, robust and flexible ERP that stood the test of time. From the day it was created, Nucleo has evolved largely but its essence has remained intact. Nucleo is a configurable ERP based on services that maintains the integrity of versions. Whatever we do, we think it long term, because we want it to be sustainable over time. ERP Nucleo adapts that way to the specific needs of companies from different sectors. Proof that Nucleo is constructed in this way is the range of sectors it has been introduced in: food industry, electronics, tool machines, car industry, industrial supplies, casting, printing, large purchasing groups, hydrocarbons. Nucleo has developed over 100 modules.


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