ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry


OEE 4Analysis  is a visual management tool that collects information from the production process and represents it through dashboards for a better knowledge and analysis of the organization.


The project has been defined as a new system of organizational improvement and management of manufacturing data collection. The object: Mitigate any problem with reporting and avoid management problems that spreadsheets generate from production to the office.
Once the analysis tools for production are known, other departments might request for their use.


Technologies and key concepts:

  • .NET Technology
  • SQL Technology
  • BI Technology
  • OPC Technology
  • SCADA Technology


Client references:

  • INAUXA (Industria Auxiliar Alavesa S.A.) – Grupo Tubos Reunidos
  • Concesiones y Bebidas S.A.COBECSA

Additional information: