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PAM4.0 – Platform to assist maintenance tasks

Mobile platform of remote communication in real time between workers and an expert to assist on maintenance tasks through a system of telepresence and augmented reality.

“In collaboration with Tecnalia, Deusto Sistemas has developed PAM4.0, a platform on which an expert can assist by remote communication to workers in their maintenance tasks of industrial machinery, thanks to a telepresence system and augmented reality technologies.
This way, PAM4.0 allows a non-face training among experts and workers getting large cost savings for the company. They do not need to go to companies to instruct people in the use or maintenance of industrial machinery.
PAM4.0 stands out because of its simplicity and effectiveness. The worker only has to identify the indicated item and the expert supervises this task from that time. In addition, the augmented reality system allows the display of elements and 3D sequences of maintenance on machinery or actual equipment. This certainly makes maintenance work more efficient, improving service, expanding customer service range and reducing costs.”


Technologies and key concepts:


  • Cloud
  • Wearables
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Augmented reality
  • Mobile technology


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