ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry


Schedules generator for multiple sectors. Employee portal and integrated environment.

Pgplanning was born to response the companies’ real need to generate and manage shifts and employees schedules.
The product base is the generic calculation engine. With this engine, “Globales” has achieved a technological progress because of the automation in the process of obtaining the optimal solution for scheduling problems based on shifts by applying multiple rules, restrictions and user-defined variables.
Under the JAVA technology with an important research on the solution to problems NP-complete and the application of the latest algorithmic techniques, it has managed the development of an advanced generic engine of calculation.
This generic engine is the development’s bases of different vertical options adjusted for each sector.
Nowadays we are working on integrating with different presence control solutions and another software.
Also, we are launching the ‘Employee Portal’. It allows employees more and better interaction with the company.
We have been selected and financed by the European accelerator project SOUL-FI as a success case: http://soul-fi.ipn.pt/success-cases-from-soul-fi/


Technologies and key concepts:

  • Built on Open Source
  • Innovation & Intelligent engine (multi-algorithm, rules, variables, locations, etc.)
  • Automatic calculation of solutions
  • Optimal management changes
  • Optimal solutions
  • Simulations
  • A cloud infrastructure
  • Advanced tools (Dispatcher cloud, distributed jobs, etc.)
  • Scalability , Security and Availability
  • Web environment
  • Without hardware requirements
  • Responsive design


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