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Repcon Configurator

Configuration solution for companies with customized products-services. The solution manages the product knowledge and automates Bill of Materials, Manufacturing Routes and technical documentation generation.
Repcon Product Configurator improves productivity at your technical office as well as during order processing and manufacturing engineering and is an efficient tool capable of determining the bill of material to be manufactured, manufacturing routes and plans. It vastly improves the engineering and industrial processes involved in handling tailor-made products. Repcon Product Configurator’s geometric configuration module provides this tool with high 2D and 3D computer aided configuration possibilities. The tool helps in product configuration and continually offers valid options. It allows you to define configurable items using characteristics, options and rules. The document generation module creates documents containing product details, material structures and manufacturing routes as well as technical documentation in different formats and languages. The tool can be integrated with various ERP manufacturer management systems ( With Repcon Product Configurator you can generate product structures (Bill of Materials -BoM) and manufacturing routes as complex as the configured product requires with material, labour and machine costs included.


Technologies and key concepts:

  • HTML5
  • 3D engine


Client references:

  • Velatia
  • Ikusi
  • Ulma Construcción

Additional information: