ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry

Security for Business Continuity

Cybersecurity Project for the Business Continuity .Virtualization of  SCADA system has been used to ensure the continuity of the data acquisition systems who control part of the productivity and quality in the manufacture.

The project has been defined as the virtualization of the SCADA system for the “Business continuity”. This project consist on the Virtualization of “Industrial Control systems” (ICS).

The virtualization of SCADA machines who control part of the production data in the manufacturing network.

The scope of the project is to:

-Avoid any backup issue regarding the legacy hardware.

-Mitigate every risk due to a deprecated operating system.

-Improve the maintenance in terms of cost and time

-Flexibility, virtual machinery. In this project, ICS Virtualization solves the continuity of the control systems responsible for the productivity and quality in the manufacture.


Technologies and key concepts:

  • VMWARE Technology
  •  OPC Technology
  • SCADA Technology


Client references:

  • Manufacturing industry. Automotive. VW Navarra
  • Manufacturing industry. Home appliances. Fagor Ederlan

Additional information: