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TQM 4 Control

TQM 4 Control is a solution for management, improvement and assurance of the quality in any manufacturing production process, it has been designed under the concept “Total Quality Management”.

The implementation of “TQM 4 Control” allows the management of the quality information needed so as to improving the total productivity and manufacturing.

It is a solution for management, improvement and quality assurance in any manufacturing production process.

Designed under the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM), our solution allows to:

>> Control the quality features of the product.

>> Control the variables of the production process that can affect the quality of the product.


The result is a high degree of control of the productive process, which ensures the product’s quality by controlling and monitoring the process.

TQM 4 Control is the tool that allows obtaining the necessary degree of control to manufacture quality, and streamlines the prevention needed to keep the optimal settings of the production process, giving as a result a quality product.


Technologies and key concepts:

  • .NET Technology
  • SQL Technology
  • BI Technology
  • OPC Technology
  • SCADA Technology


Client reference:

  • INAUXA (Industria Auxiliar Alavesa S.A.) – Grupo Tubos Reunidos


Additional information: