ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry


Facing with the need to secure operational areas in industrial plants with:
• The increase of cyber attacks via USB, CD, etc.
• The difficulty of incorporating enough security systems in the plants
• The problem of managing software updates (SCADA, PLCs,)
• The dependence on people (weakest link in the security of the systems)

WHITEZONE delimits the industrial areas outside malware (threats) and restricts access only to secure and certain identified Software within the industrial precinct by those authorized persons. The main features:
• Verification of software (through whitelisting)
• Adapted to the procedure of the organization
• Cloud service
• Prevention of malware entry through storage devices (USBs, ..)

The improvements obtained by applying the solution secures the industrial area and improves the process of updating the SCADA, PLC Systems, etc. by:
• The convergence of physical and logical security
• The isolation of the productive areas
• The protection against malware


Technologies and key concepts:

  • Cybersegurity
  • USB
  • Malware


Client references:

  • Petronor

Additional information: