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Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, are used to perform services for pest control, precision agriculture and industrial inspection.


Aerotel is the division of WSN group responsible for providing services by unmanned aerial vehicles called henceforth drones.

The first line of business is pest control or fumigation with drones. An aircraft with the capacity to transport the plant protection product has been developed to spray it remotely over the desired place, under control by the operator. This way you can reach inaccessible areas without altering the safety of personnel optimizing working time and resources.

At the same time Aerotel is working on two new and innovative business lines, precision agriculture and industrial inspection.
The goal of precision agriculture is to detect diseases in the fields using drones with multispectral cameras. By generating display maps it is possible to view if plantation is in an optimum status or it is necessary to take corrective and / or preventive measures.
By industrial inspection it is possible to detect anomalies in all kinds of infrastructure such as power lines, warehouses or any type of construction. This is achieved by use of drones equipped with thermal cameras able to detect cracks or damages in the surface.


Technologies and concept keys:

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles for pest control.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles with multispectral cameras.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles with thermal cameras.


Client references:

  • Showing at Granja Agrícola Experimental de Arucas (Gran Canaria, Spain). October 2015
  • Integration of the fumigation system on the Fumidron. Four-day stay in P.R. of China hosted by PROEXCA.

Additional information: