ICT Solutions for Sustainability


Cleantec GRSU is a management and control software, for the services of collection and transportation of municipal solid waste, household waste, street cleaning and maintenance of public spaces and street furniture.

The main target of the application is to integrate the municipalities within efficient work platforms or ” smart cities ” with elements that improve the quality of knowledge, availability of resources and enhance the intellectual and social capital, as ways to improve urban competitiveness, providing the public agencies with a tool that facilitates its knowledge , management , control and monitoring.


Technologies and key concepts:

  • Onboard Weighing Systems
  • Fill level sensors on waste containers
  • GPS tracking of vehicles and assets
  • Onboard MDT devices on vehicles
  • NFC, RFID and barcode assets management
  • Route planning
  • Cloud servers


Client references:

  • Mancomunidad de Mairaga
  • Contenedores ESCOR
  • Ecilimp
  • Actividades de limpieza y gestión S.A (ALGESA)
  • Sadeco Córdoba

Additional information: