ICT Solutions for Sustainability


Corporapp is a mobile app that improves the company’s communication between members while making information accessible everyone.

Corporapp is a mobile application that offers you an exclusive communication channel for the working environment. It also enhances the corporation’s management proceedings through a unique platform.
It offers solutions for widespread communication problems among corporations thanks to the following modules:

  • Directory: members of the organization will be classified into teams and offices. They will have access to everyone’s relevant information and they will be able to communicate with each other.
  • Messaging system: allows instant communication with any member of the organization. There’s no sharing of personal telephone numbers, so that private life and work are kept separately.
  • News: with this section, your company will be able to communicate with all members by keeping them informed about all news.
  • BackOffice: Through a private zone, the admin will be able to manage all the app’s content in an intuitive and simple manner.
  • Roster management, knowledge base, password management: these are just a few examples of modules that Corporapp offers. All of them have the purpose of integrating all the company’s proceedings into your mobile phone.

Aditionally, Corporapp is adaptable to the needs of their users and it can be integrated into any organization’s managing system. It is the mobile working tool for every member of your company.

Technologies used and key concepts:

  • Operating system
    • Linux
  • Server
    • Apache
  • Database development technologies
    • MySQL server
    • MongoDB (NoSQL)
    • Redis
    • PostgreSQL
  • Generic development technologies
    • PHP
    • API-REST
  • Agile software technologies
    • Frameworks for development
      • AngularJS
      • Google Material Design
      • Rachet
      • Symfony
        • Sonata
    • Representational State Transfer technology
      • API-REST
    • Object mapping technology
      • Doctrine
    • Libraries for development
      • Swift Mailer
    • Template engine
      • Twig
  • Technologies for web layout and development
    • HTML5
      • Web layout
        • Bootstratp
        • CSS
      • Web development
        • Javascript
        • Node.js
        • Amazon Web Services
  • Search engines
    • Elasticsearch
  • Mobile APP development
    • Android
    • IOS


Client references:

  • Grupo Domingo Alonso. Spain.

Additional information: