ICT Solutions for Sustainability

Inycom Care Platform

It is a set of solutions to manage social health services, and to analyze and visualize the information by indicators, metrics and dashboards to help making decisions.

Inycom Care Platform is a technological concept that focuses on the user of social health services.
It allows to set different integration levels with public or private health services providers, to establish a personalized model of care, to be provided in hospitals, residences or at home.
It allows to know and monitor the state and evolution of the patient, using data acquisition and analysis, both in the patient’s home and in a residence or hospital, allows communication between patients, families and caregivers, and makes it easier to monitor and adjust the treatment.
It allows the early detection of situations that would require the action of medical services , and it also allows to generate alerts to anticipate risk situations.


Technologies and key concepts:

  • J2EE
  • J2ME
  • Crono Análisis
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS SQL Server Integration Services
  • MS SQL Server Reporting Services
  • MS SQL Server Analysis Services


Client references:

  • Mutua MAZ
  • Servicio Aragonés de SALUD
  •  San Juan de Dios Hospital. Zaragoza
  • IMQ – Clínica IMQ Zorrotzaurre (Bilbao)
  • Orange

Additional information: