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IProx: Efficient monitoring of solar thermal systems for DHW heating, by automatic measurement of parameters that allow the automatiton of plant operation and improving its performance

IProx is a monitoring tool that displays information collected through a network of sensors (temperature, pressure, pump activation states, environmental parameters such as solar radiation or temperature, energy from boilers and solar collectors, etc.).
The treatment of this information allows the automation of plant operation and the ability to improve performance by acting on the installation remotely through any device with an Internet connection. It also provides centralized management of geographically dispersed facilities.
The monitoring systems facilitates maintenance of the plant as it allows to ommunicate alarms due to technical faults in the equipment installation, parameter out of range or intrusions into the boiler room.
All information collected is consolidated through IProx Server, allowing historical reporting of system operation and comparative analysis among similar deployments.
The result is an improved energy efficiency by monitoring and adjusting the power consumption at the conditions of use of the facility and facilitating the use of energy generated for it, such as ERP systems or any systems that indecate the level of occupancy of the plant.


Technologies and key concepts

  • Acquisition of data and video IP
  • Low-power wireless sensor technology Zigbee
  • WiFi, WiMax, GPRS, 3G Communications
  • M2M services centralized in the cloud
  • Communication ports RS-232 / RS485 / Ethernet


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