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iWine Commerce

Inside the app, and thanks to the camera of the device, the user scans the label of the wine and it detects what wine it is (for sharing it, for buying it, etc.).

Wine bottle label scanning system, implemented inside native apps (both Android Operating System and iOS Operating System). These scans of labels search for correspondence in a database of images where they will be registered all the wines with which it can interact within the app.
In the commercial version through the Rioja DOC App, these scanned (and identified) wines are valued and shared among their friends by the users. These wines have access to a complete sheet of wine information, information about the winery and the online store to buy those wines.
The app is designed to be multi-lingual and you can add more languages. It is currently implemented in Spanish and English.



Technologies and key concepts:

  • Native development in Android and iOS.
  • Scanning Vuforia technology
  • Instant scanning of wine labels
  • Built-in in a native app for the customer
  • Relationship between the wine scanned and certain actions (buying wine, sharing wine, obtaining wine information …).
  • Possibility of extrapolation to other products / sectors.


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