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Singular Factory

Singular Factoring provides the company with the added value of obtaining financial gains by supporting the treasury of its suppliers and the advantages of anticipating invoice payments in a safe and profitable way.

Singular factoring is an application that allows to speed up payments in the supply chain of a company with safety and to make a profit from the operations of advance invoice payment.
Singular Factoring shows parked invoices as well as the most suitable different operations of advance payment to make, according to the conditions defined with the supplier and the due date of the invoice.
Thus, both parties obtain advantages by using this platform. The client acquires additional margins in its operations and the supplier enhance the treasury performance, reducing the payment periods.
In addition, its interactive chat allows to solve any incidence in real-time and improve the communication between clients and providers.

Finally, Singularfactoring consists of two main modules:

  • Money Desk: Here, it will appear the invoices previously accepted for operations by advance payment. CFO´s (retail, hospitality, transport, etc) move each invoice to advance with their own treasury or singularfactoring.
  • Crowdfactoring: Small savers and retail investors can invest their savings in big companies´ invoices via an easy and intuitive platform which is designed for anybody can invest and get the best value of their savings.

Technologies used and key concepts:

  • Operating system
    • Linux
  • Server
    • Apache
  • Database development technologies
    • MySQL server
    • MongoDB (NoSQL)
    • Redis
    • PostgreSQL
  • Generic development technologies
    • PHP
    • API-REST
  • Agile software technologies
    • Frameworks for development
      • AngularJS
      • Google Material Design
      • Rachet
      • Symfony
        • Sonata
    • Representational State Transfer technology
      • API-REST
    • Object mapping technology
      • Doctrine
    • Libraries for development
      • Swift Mailer
    • Template engine
      • Twig
  • Technologies for web layout and development
    • HTML5
      • Web layout
        • Bootstratp
        • CSS
      • Web development
        • Javascript
        • Node.js
        • Amazon Web Services
  • Search engines
    • Elasticsearch
  • Mobile APP development
    • Android
    • IOS

Client reference:

  • Supermercado Chedraui. México.

Additional information: