ICT Solutions for Sustainability


Unifikas Unifikas is a management system for H&S, Environment and Quality issues. It aims to be the tool that can support your company strategy turning data into knowledge.

Unifikas is a standard software for managing Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality issues. It supports in a natural way what ISO has already stated by defining a common high level structure for different standards. Unifikas comprises 12 modules who are interconnected but that can also work separately, providing the user with different views of information depending of its particular needs.

Even though it can work on its own, Unifikas has been designed so that it can be integrated with other systems and devices in your company.

Unifikas empowers integration from two points of view:
– Integrated management of different standards (such as H&S, Environment and Quality)
– Procedures and information unification within the whole company

Buying Unifikas implies getting not only present, but future features, since it is a product which evolves constantly. Its roadmap is defined periodically taking into account both standard reviews and technological advances.

Further from being just a managing system, Unifikas aims to be the tool that can support your company strategy in matters of H&S, Environment and Quality. For this means, Unifikas disposes of Business Intelligence tools that enable the final user to dig into actual and historical information and set and track new objectives.


Technology and key concepts:

  • .Net
  • MS SQL Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint


Client references:

  • Orkli S. Coop.
  • Viscofán

Additional information: