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Video Weather

Video Weather: Remote management watering municipal parks that allows control of energy expenditure and optimizing the amount of water necessary.

Video Weather is an innovative weather station that collects and analyzes meteorological parameters that directly affect the real water needs of a green area and automatically applies the exact amount of water required.
Depending on the data transmitted by Weather Video and contemplating a logic for a certain type of area, park or farm, water needs are calculated automatically and with absolute precision which saves energy and water consumption.
Sensors used by Video Weather: barometer, temperature, humidity, intensity gauge, anemometer and wind direction.
Weather information provided is : outside temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and barometric trend, dew point, daily, monthly and annual rainfall, precipitation intensity, direction and wind speed, wind chill and daily, monthly and yearly maximum and minimum values of the above parameters.
VVideo Weather consists of a weather station from professional segment supervised by an industrial embedded controller. The controller collects the measurements made by the station and transmits them to the irrigation logic. The result is a smart irrigation system.


Technologies and key concepts

  • Acquisition of data and video IP
  • Low-power wireless sensor technology Zigbee
  • WiFi, WiMax, GPRS, 3G communications
  • M2M services centralized in the cloud
  • Communication ports RS-232 / RS485 / Ethernet


Client references:

  • Ayuntamiento de Logroño (implemented by JMP Ingenieros)

Additional information: