ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry


Quantic is a unique platform to extract the value of industrial data, with an intuitive and user friendly interface based on WEB technology, usable on any device (PC, tablet, mobile) supported 24h and selling as a service (unlicensed or owner hardware).

Quantic at the following levels allows:

  1. Extraction, transfer and loading data: ETL / ELT systems. Data Integration ERP / CRM
  2. Monitoring:

Monitoring consumption and costs.

Energy efficiency of machines and energy balances.

Power Quality: life extension machines.

Adjusting the necessary resources.

Identification of critical elements.

Alert management, alarms.

Overview of the factory: process + facilities

Automatic reporting.

  1. Analytics:

Improvement plan and evaluation of saving measures.

Support investment decisions, seeking the optimal cost-effective.

Invoice verification and analysis of offers. Compare prices indexed.

Process optimization with real-time information: compressors, heat engines, motors, etc.

Reliability: Mean time between failures and among substitutions.

Planning technical assistance and response time calculation.

Trend forecasting models.

  1. Operation:

Integration of HMI / PLC.

Demand Response

O & M evaluation

Events and alarms management


Technologies and key concepts:

  • Teaming: Quantitas and user relationship, before implementation: Project management, final solution designed, deployment and after: experts reporting, visualization, alerts and process management, case tracking, machine identified exceptions, continual improvement and organizational integration.
  • Logical design: Mapping data sources, ETL/ELT layer.
  • QuanTIC data technology: logical and technical architecture analysis, database/cube design and queryng, analytics tools and methods validated by other projects, tools: R, Python, Database storage, MatLab, Microsoft BI, SAS, Big DATA: Spark, HD Insight, etc, configuration, development.


Client references:

  • ARISA S.A. 
  • Factorverde S.A. 
  • Albare Forensics S.L. 
  • Albare Forensics SL. 
  • Ingenostrum S.L. 
  • Fundación Laboral de la Construcción La Rioja


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