ICT Solutions for the Connected Industry

Smart Factories

Software that takes care of monitoring variables that affect the effectiveness of the production cycle in industrial plants and provides value-added services in predictive maintenance, process improvement and quality control.
The solution is based on a software that collects, processes and displays the information regarding parameters for the operation of the machinery (ex: vibrations, thicknesses, temperature, rpm…), that become very important for the efficiency of the industrial plants. The aim is to be able to define the preventive/predictive maintenance to avoid critical situations and at the same time optimize the processes to increase the efficiency. The information collected must reflect at any given moment the analyzed variables to be able to react as soon as possible if any anomaly appears. On the other hand, the treatment of this data must be shown in statistics to inform about the behavior in a past period. Depending on the data and the person that should analyze it, the data should be shown in tables, graphics and custom made screens with a user-friendly interface for each client. There should always be taken into consideration where the information is going to be displayed (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone…) and the operating system.


Technologies and key concepts:

  • Cassandra database
  • HTML5, CSS3, javascript
  • Python
  • Cloud
  • Mobile app
  • Siemens


Client references:

  • Talleres ALJU

Additional information: