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Arcadia – Safety and Emergency Integral System

Arcadia implements a unique command and control center for safety and emergency situations, integrating the available sources of information to facilitate the real time decision-making.

Arcadia comprises the following components:

  • Radio communications module: it allows the interconnection of TETRA and PMR systems with the other system modules from a software console.
  • Telephone communications module: it implements a full call center (CTI + PBX + ACD).
  • Incidents management module: it provides the agent interface for incident management. It supports specific functionality as register, classification, analysis, process and query of the elements related to incidents.

Arcadia allows a centralized management of all communications (telephone and radio) and incidents, ensuring the system elements interoperability and allowing the connection and information Exchange between them. It allows integration with external systems, in order to optimize the coordination with other safety and emergency organisms.

Arcadia helps the agent in making decisions and provides a cross-sectional view of the incidents status, vehicle and human resources tracking through a GIS system and the phone location where the incident is reported.

At the technological level, Arcadia is built on open standards. All software elements are multi platform, allowing deployment on different operating systems. The solution has a redundant and high availability architecture, in order to ensure the service levels required in a safety and emergency system.



Technology and key concepts:

  • Radio communications module
    • IP matrix switching.
  • Telephone communications module
    • Based on VoIP technology and build on standards, as SIP, H.323, IAX or MGCP.
  • Incidents management module
    • Web architecture standard compliant.
    • Web architecture based on Javascript, Node.js, AngularJS and Bootstrap, following HTML5 specification.
    • HTML5 web browsers compliant.
    • Build on RDBMS, using PostgreSQL.
  • General
    • High availability and fault tolerance system, with load balancing and redundancy.
    • Local or LDAP user management.
    • The communication between components is set through safety channels.
    • Redundancy and fail protection mechanisms.
    • Transaction logs system.



Client reference:

  • Gestión de Servicios para la Salud y la Seguridad en Canarias, S.A. Centro Coordinador de Emergencias y Seguridad (CECOES 1-1-2) de Canarias. Canary Islands, Spain.

Additional information:

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